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Oh How Sweet It Is...

Maple Syrup

Our family has been producing Maple Syrup for over 20 years. Britney's dad, Fred, began it as a hobby. Starting out with a few buckets and a turkey cooker, we have grown over the years to an evaporator pan and a pipeline to gather sap water. (We still use buckets too). Maple Season quickly became a family tradition. Each February we get ready sharing & laughing about past years memories and start making new ones.

We are honored to have received 1st place for our Maple Sugar at the 2015 NAMSC and score a perfect score on our syrup. An international competition, when you enjoy Family Roots Farm Maple Sugar, you are enjoying the best in the World!

How do we do it? 

There are a few things you need to get started producing maple syrup - hard work, patience & a sense of humor. Maple syrup production is very labor intensive.

Tapping the trees: As temperatures begin to warm in February each year we start tapping the Maple trees. A small hole is drilled into a tree and a tap is inserted. 

Collection of the sap water: Each tap will have a drop line that goes into a bucket or a pipeline. The pipeline feeds into one large tank to make collection easier. Buckets require at least daily dumping – during prime season we like to dump twice a day. 

Boiling: Now it is time to take the sap water gathered and boil it. The boiling process removes the water and what you are left with is syrup. It takes approximately 50 gallons of sap water to produce 1 gallon of syrup. That’s a lot of sap water & a lot of boiling! 

Finishing: After the syrup reaches 7 degrees above boiling point for that day, we run in through a filter. We still use a traditional wool filter rather than a press. Once filtered it is ready to bottle and ready for pancakes!  

To make other Maple Syrup products such as Sugar & Cream, it’s all about the temperature. We raise our Maple Syrup to a higher temperature and begin stirring. New for 2015 we purchased a machine to help us stir! 

We would be more than happy to explain the process more in depth. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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