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Knowing your

When you know your farmer, you know where food comes from and how it is grown. You can see it, smell it, and touch it. Family Roots Farm encourages and invites all of our customers to stop out to see where their food comes from, ask us questions about our growing processes, and taste the difference local farming makes.

This Land Is Family

Over the past two hundred years, our family has farmed the ground we farm today. We care for this land because it raised us, and that legacy impacts every decision we make so that it will continue to raise future generations of our family.

Family Roots Farm Practices 101

We farm our land so that future generations will be able to farm it as well.


We grow using plastic mulch and raised beds. A mulch layer shapes our beds to be 6" high, lays a drip line and black plastic that creates a weed barrier and helps to maintain a more constant growing temperature. Between the rows, we mulch with straw, grow cover crop, or cultivate to control weed growth. Drip irrigation allows us to conserve water and give each plant the needed amount without overwatering or waste. By applying these practices, our plants have decreased risk from diseases, insects, and ground contamination. Absolutely no herbicides are used in our farming practices.

We want you to be confident in our practices and to feel confident that we are producing safe, high-quality products for your family to enjoy. We always encourage questions. But leave some time, we can talk farming all day long.

What We Grow

Family Roots Farm grows a variety of fruits and vegetables in the hills of Northern West Virginia by utilizing high tunnels. High tunnels allow us to extend our growing seasons to year round production. Our primary specialty crop are tomatoes which we harvest from June through October.


Our original “Corn Customers”, who have supported us since our first acre in 2012, continue to look forward to Family Roots Sweet Corn in August. We cater to those who like to preserve the taste of summer all year long.

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