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2022 Maple season is here!

Who is enjoying the warm sunshine days? ... we hope you are but more importantly the maple trees! (No offense) The fluctuating temperatures tend to drive us all crazy BUT if you like pure maple syrup be patient with Mother Nature. The change in temperature causes pressure inside the tree to make sap flow, without it there would be no maple syrup.

If you are interested in learning more behind the science of maple trees, a recording from last week's Forest Farming in Focus will be posted soon. Kate Fotos from Future Generations dives deep into the science. Britney and fellow women producers sit on a Q&A panel.

One of our maple traditions is to have a tapping breakfast at Cathy and Fred's house. Family tapping day is just that, all about family and with little expectations of getting much work completed in the woods. It's all about the kids being part of maple season - tapping trees around my parents' house, telling maple stories, warming up with hot chocolate and really just enjoying simple family time.

Grady and Mylah Ann will now have the job of collecting the sap water from trees they tapped by going to each tree. As Fred says, a little hard work makes you appreciate the pipeline.

Family Roots Fact: We had 500 buckets/bags before installing a pipeline.

Lugging the sloshing sap water through the woods it's one of Britney's favorite maple memories.

With the help of Michael Lucero and the rest of Future Generations team, we are ready for our first big run! (Predicting tomorrow! Little sap was flowing today as the trees "wake up")


"Mom" Tip: Find joy in all you do and incorporate your kids to be a part of it! Indoor picnic while making droplines was Grady's highlight of the week "This is big time we get to eat in the living room." And the look on Mylah's face when she got her own bottle of syrup ... priceless.

***Please note Family Roots Farm is not able to participate in February 19th Mountain State Maple Days due to a new piece of equipment being installed in sugar shack (details to come). Mark you Calander for March 19th & watch for a post - reservations will be required.

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It has been great to watch you get bigger and better. Taking your maple syrup to Europe to friends and family was great (via 1-pound packages of maple sugar with formula on the package), the many, many quarts of syrup over the years, and then you give me a taste of your salsa! so I have to buy 2 cases to keep from running out too quickly. Then when I try to buy some of your cauliflower during the winter (back in January 2021 on a trip to wheeling) - it is sold out!! You folks are phenomenal!!! Keep it up because I plan to be here a few more years.

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