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Hello 2022!

Happy New Year to all of you! We are very blessed with a supportive community, friends, family, and followers.

Are you one to set a new year's resolution?

While we grow, produce and raise a fare portion of our food, we find ourselves not nourishing our bodies. Instead, the hectic farm life of being sure pipeline is installed & repaired, trees are tapped, plants are ordered & planted, fields are prepped, produce is picked & specialty products made, feeding animals, etc. etc....... the never-ending list leads us often to grabbing whatever we can and eating at midnight.

"Mom, why are you opening a can of corn? What we grow corn, and it is much tastier." - Grady

So as embarrassing as it is to admit, we didn't even manage to get corn in the freezer. So here we stand with a devastated toddler that we try to explain why we don't have our corn and he responds, "We need to take time to freeze it next year."

Through the eyes of our children may we learn to

slow down, take time, enjoy the fruits of our labor, & have a happy, healthy new year!

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