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Sugar on Snow!

A sweet family tradition each winter when the snowfalls we make Snow Candy. You can make it too with common kitchen items - it's fun & tasty. Here is what you need...


Family Roots Farm Maple Syrup

Candy Thermometer (If you do not have one you can use soft ball stage as in candy making)


Container to pour hot syrup into

Popsicle sticks (not required)


Pour a minimum of a half cup maple syrup (makes about 6 suckers). Boil until syrup reaches 240* F. Depending on how much syrup and the size of pan, have a dap of butter ready. When the syrup begins to foam, you can add butter to calm foam down. Once syrup reaches 240*F, pour into a container & wait 5 min.

**Mom tip #1 - I first went for my measuring cup thinking the handle to pour. Instead, I swapped for an insulated coffee cup to keep little hands safe**

Pour 2 strips of syrup about 6" long. Wrap on popsicle sticks & enjoy! If you have any leftovers to bring inside, store on parchment paper.

**Mom tip #2- Not up for bundling up? Gather snow in a cookie sheet and do the same inside.


Get Creative!

- Rather than wrapping on sticks - make designs on snow.

- Add learning: evaporation, liquid to solid, sugar molecules, or as simple as making letters in the snow.

If you would like more information on incorporating learning email

Now it's your turn - Have fun!

Share your pictures with us.

Grady fixed up his sister with one! She is under the weather but still gives Maple Snow a Thumbs Up!

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