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Thanksgiving 1955

Thanksgiving is a favorite Holiday in our family. Time to slow down and reflect on what we are thankful. Preparing recipes pass down and sharing memories helps us to prepare for our feast. Grandma Hervey (Margaret Ann) kept a box of treasures - truly. Photos, clippings, and keepsakes with notes. A long table of mismatched chairs, china, silverware was the typical table setting but if you look closely, in the center a homemade turkey center piece and place cards. The turkey pictured, was Great Aunt Mattie's table setting from 1955.

If you have had a meal at our farm you too have dined with our family heirlooms. While a few things have been set aside as keepsakes, many items are used daily as we truly believe our ancestors would want us to put it to us. Traveled by foot in the Revolutionary War, horse, and later the 1st model T in Wellsburg "The Old Farm Lane" leads you to Family Roots Farm. "The Old Farm Lane" poem from the Intelligencer in 1955 captures the farm lanes journey though generations.

Tomorrow, a one of a kind, homemade, turkey centerpiece crafted by Grady and Mylah Ann will be proudly displayed. Eight generations later, they will create memories of their own and help prepare the Thanksgiving feast.


From our family to yours - we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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