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Welcome to our new website!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Hey Family Roots Farm Followers!

Be sure to take time to check out our awesome new website designed and created by #folklore. Folklore is a public relations company from Wheeling, WV. We had the opportunity to work with them a few years back on a special project. We clicked - instantly. Folklore specializes in capturing and telling one's story.

Many of you that have visited our farm experienced part of our family tradition. Now, with our new website we are able to take our farm to your doorstep - wherever it may be through pictures, videos, and blogs.

A user-friendly online store coming in 2022 - We promise!

Now it's your turn --- What do you want to see in 2022? And no worries, Grady & Mylah's cooking show will be back - 1 take, no practice, no filters, just us - your family farm.

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Your website is as welcoming as your family is. It is great - looking forward to the online ordering being up so I can tell guests (and family) they can get it online. It loads quickly and great photos. I am certain we will see you soon - shelf is almost empty!


Tom Cross
Tom Cross
Dec 22, 2021

SO PROUD of your Family and all the hard work y'all have put into your farm. Looking forward to visiting next time we come up. Roger keeps me posted on the farm goings on. I'm really happy that Rog is helping and still farming. He has been farming since he rode on his Granpa's lap when he was 2. Best to all. Merry Christmas !!!


Love the new site. Good luck!


This is great, Britney! Love the new site. We can’t wait for the online store!! ❤️ The Widmor Family


I love from the field and from the farmers market videos! Website looks awesome.

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